Happening once a year in the summer, in the region of chapada diamantina, brazil
If you would like to participate send an email to
Festa Trance de graça
Acontece uma vez por ano, no verão, na região da chapada diamantina, brasil
Se você tem interesse em participar, mande um email para
" Throughout history, mankind gather in a tribal ritual to commune and transform life in many different aspects.
Psychedelic trance festivals are one of those rituals that has this concept deep in its roots. And with each festival comes the legacy of building the sacred city for those who deliberately gather in that space and time, to have a real opportunity of trancendence. Being the environment, the ambience, the people and most certainly the music, the key element for the magic to happen.
Remember that you dont have to believe to be adept. This is about the psychedelic trance culture, that since the discover of the acid and many reasearchs that progressively follows through the decades, when finally meeting the electronic music culture. With this mix of music and the psychedelics, the psytrance scene was born and spreaded throughout the globe !
Made for us to share, enjoy, to have unique experiences, to laugh , to dance .. and I say only the positive things, because life is already a struggle, we all share an amount of troubles and darkness. But here, you put your mind inthe now , in the present. If you made it this far, life gifts you with a celebration !
Enjoy it. "